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Warhammer 40,000: English - German - French

Warhammer: English - German - French


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Ordo Lexicanum

SysOps: Dalen, Inquisitor S.

SysOp Candidates: none at the moment

Contact: Open Discussion


Make new Portals. Suggest sections and enlist where you want to participate!


  • SysOp: The English Wh40k Lexicanum has its own SysOp now: Dalen - May his efforts let this wiki grow and prosper!
  • Interlexicanum: Which design for the link box? Little flags or Shortcut-Symbol? Share your oppinion at the German discussion page (feel free to post in English!).
  • Portals: Construction of Portals like at Wikipedia. This one is the main one and should be the beginning for future development.

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