Ballade d'Imbach

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La Ballade d'Imbach célèbre le souvenir de la chute de la Forteresse d'Imbach. 1


La chute d'Imbach fut l'un des épisodes qui grava dans la culture Squat l'infamie de l'Âge des Guerres: la double trahison des Orks menés par Grunhag, et cherchant à s'emparer des territoires et des richesses des Mondes Squats, et de la duplicité des Eldars ayant refusé de leur préter assistance. 1


So Grunhag led his host to Wyss,
Encamped upon the plain of Swend.
Proud Hargan and Rich Erlach fell,
Destroyed and ravaged and defiled.
"You see my power" Grunhag quoth,
Let Imbach see and quake in fear,
"And pay me treasure, wealth and slaves."
He added with a sneer.

Lord Uri sat in Imbach's hall,
His brow as hard as knotted flint.
"No Ork shall take our folk as slaves,
"Nor what we win from laden rock,
"While one in Imbach still draws breath."
He told proud Grunhag "Nothing here
"Is yours except an Ork-shaped hole.
"And headstone with your name."

Called Imabch to the vain Eldar,
"Your enemy is at our gates.
"Come to our aid against your foes,
"Together let us lay them low."
The Eldar never made reply.
But left fair Imbach to the Orks.
"We fight alone, then." Uri said,
Our friends leave us to die."

- From The Fall of Imbach"1-p.166